conical sky

The conical sky is a suspended ceiling from thin on site bent metal sheets. The design is based on conical elements that generate continuous pattern inside and outside the pharmacy. The Pattern has straight continuous lines where the windows separate the inside from the outside. Along this border, the cones intersect exactly along this line.

conical sky, mirepoix | outside view (c) Florent Triaire

In the centre of each cone isĀ  an opening with a diameter of 50cm , that can either contain a lamp, a column, a AC Output Element or is kept empty for the AC Input that is located on top of the ceiling.

conical sky, mirepoix | view into the pharmacy (c) Florent Triaire

conical sky, mirepoix | detail | (c) Florent Triaire

This project shows the power of fabricating and delivering flat, and bending material on site in form. All sheets were pre-cut and delivered on site in flat state. On site the construction workers assembled the single elements to conical elements, and suspended them in a defined order.

conical sky, mirepoix | flat elments before assembly (c) Florent Triaire

conical sky, mirepoix | assembly process (c) Florent Triaire

The project was developed together with Floret Triaire from Rupert Maleczek was responsible for the design and digital fabrication of the entire system. Further he did some Geometry consulting, the Detailing and implemented the File to Factory process.

















Suspended Ceiling from sheet material. Responsible for the design and digital fabrication of the entire system. Geometry consulting, detailing, File to Factory process.